Sandhills Lacrosse Association
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vision + mission

Vision - Sandhills Lacrosse Association (SLA) aspires to grow youth, high school, collegiate, and adult lacrosse programs in the Sandhills/greater Moore County, NC area whose athletes & supporters are recognized for their scholarship, service, leadership, and achievements in the community, in the classroom, and on the field of competition.

Mission - SLA is a grassroots non-profit charitable & educational organization that organizes, develops, supports, and promotes the growth of the game of lacrosse in the Sandhills.

goals + objectives

  • Provide organized, safe, fun, and sustainable youth, high school, collegiate, and adult lacrosse programs for the greater Sandhills community.
  • Develop leaders of all ages through civic and athletic endeavors while emphasizing the importance of character and community service. 
  • Honor the game by instilling values of sportsmanship and integrity in an environment that places team accomplishments above personal achievement.
  • Maintain a relentless pursuit of the following objectives:
  1. Actively support existing youth lacrosse programs in the Moore County/Sandhills region beginning in Spring 2018.
  2. Plant school sanctioned Club teams at underserved Moore County/Sandhills region Middle & High Schools beginning in the Academic Year (AY) 18-19 lacrosse season.
  3. Field Varsity teams at underserved Sandhills region High Schools beginning in the AY 19-20 lacrosse season.
  4. Plant school sanctioned intramural and club teams at Sandhills Community College beginning in the AY 20-21 lacrosse season.
  5. Plant adult post-secondary/post-collegiate club teams in villages & towns throughout the Sandhills and begin county "rec league" play in Spring 2020.

board of directors

SLA's Board of Directors is tasked with overseeing & shepherding the association, executing its charter [vision, mission, values, goals, bylaws, etc...], maintaining its non-profit status, and implementing its strategic plan/narrative in order support the growth & sustainability of strong lacrosse programs in the Sandhills well into the future.

2018 SLA Directors

President + Chairman of the Board

Mr. Tim Ripley

President Elect + Vice Chairman

Mr. Carlson Chow

Past President + Principal Advisor to the Board

Mr. Tim VenJohn

Director of Ops, Plans, Programs, & Resources + Secretary-Treasurer

Mr. Jamie Moses

Men's Program Director

Mr. Jason Friedman

Women's Program Director

Mrs. Leslie Brians


SLA Non-Profit Articles of Incorporation

By-Laws            Non-Profit Certification


SLA sincerely thanks & proudly endorses these local sponsors, partners & supporters: